Cinematography in Corporate Video Production

Cinematography is the art of capturing light, creating composition, deciding on camera movements, and then processing all of those images in post. Everything you see on screen is a result of carefully thought out compositions that convey the exact right feeling for the scene - this is the cinematographer's job.

This process exists in the corporate video world as well. In an industry city like Los Angeles, it's even more important for corporate videos to hold similar standards to those of the motion picture industry. That's what we try to achieve every time we go out on a shoot - whether it be a simple 1 person interview, a complex product shoot, or a complete narrative piece - we always strive for a film quality look.

Here are three pieces - all very different from each other - but each of which have their own unique touches with camera moves, lighting, and composition.

Interview piece for Stanford

Product marketing piece for Hanson Research

A narrative piece for UCLA