NAB 2016 - Drones, LEDs Cameras, and Other Newly Released Production Gear

NAB 2016

Every year there seems to be some new technology that sweeps through the convention, and this year's NAB was no exception. For the past few years it was 3D cameras and TVs, but this year it was the invasion of the drones. Every booth seemed to have at least one - even through most of the companies didn't produce of sell them, they had to have them on display to keep up with their neighbors.

Once you got past all the drones, there was a lot of cool new technology. LED lighting has come quite a long way since it's inception. The price has dropped and the variety of different lighting options has increased. Mactech LED now offers tube lighting that could effectively replace Kino and other fluorescent bulbs. They have daylight on one side, tungsten on the other, and do not require the use of a ballast for power. This is great for corporate video production where we typically have less room and can't carry as much gear. 

Something that I specifically went to the show to check out was the new Blackmagic URSA Mini. After seeing it in person I think it will be a great camera to pair with our URSA Major. It weighs a third as much as the full size URSA so we will be able to fly it in a Ronin gimbal. This should open up all sorts of possibilities for moving shots, without needing to hire a Steadicam operator.

Blackmagic URSA Mini
DJI Ronin Gimbal