Cinematography in Corporate Video Production

Cinematography in Corporate Video Production

Cinematography is the art of capturing light, creating composition, deciding on camera movements, and then processing all of those images in post. Everything you see on screen is a result of carefully thought out compositions that convey the exact right feeling for the scene - this is the cinematographer's job.

Branded Content in Corporate Videos

Here's a great corporate video for a design and branding company called Six Planes. When your company's main function is design and branding, it becomes more important than ever to have a well designed and branded promo video.

I think Six Planes does an amazing job at this by making their corporate promo video entirely about design, at its core, rather than just showing a bunch of previous work they've done. It proves, without saying much, that they know what they're doing as well as how powerful a corporate video can be with the right amount of simplistic design and consistent branding.

Unique Element of Video Production - Visualizing Sound

Here's a cool experimental music video by music artist Nigel Stanford in which he takes sound waves and creates different ways of visualizing them using a variety of devices. In fact, the whole song is composed using frequencies that make the most interesting shapes and patterns. This concept is called Cymatics - the science of visualizing audio frequencies. Through these devices you can literally see the sound waves that are being produced. 

Telling Compelling Stories Without Saying a Word

So many corporate videos tell people the message that is trying to be conveyed instead of showing it. It's basic film school knowledge that the purpose of a video is to show a message, not just say it. Nothing is more effective, especially in today's society of marketing oversaturation, than a video that uses no words.

Not only does this method stand out from other marketing videos because it's different, it also crosses cultural and language barriers. Anyone can understand the message, without the need of a translation. The silence also forces the viewer to watch more carefully, focusing on the screen and therefore, on the message.

New Product Marketing Video Concept

Most product marketing videos involve presenting an item against a nice, clean background, or with a person as they interact with it. We see the product in it's completed form. But here's an interesting way of presenting a product, from the inside out, by showing the manufacturing process. It helps that this manufacturing plant looks about as sleek as an apple store, but many products could be made more interesting by showing what's inside.

Sense smart alarm

Sense smart alarm

Manipulating Time to Raise the Value in Video Production

Time-lapse photography is a great way, in any kind of video production, to show the passage of time in a very quick way. Events like sunsets, the night stars, or even the blooming of a flower can be sped up and enhanced to show them in a very unique way.

National Geographic video footage of flowers blooming in time-lapse.

TimeScapes - Movie Trailer. Time-lapse photography of the Southwestern United States.

On the flip side, high speed photography allows you to experience everyday events in a different way by slowing the action down. 

Produced by: Footage shot at 1050 frames per second, which is roughly 35 times slower than normal speed.

The value of video production can be enhanced using both of these techniques by drawing attention to things that you normally wouldn't even notice. 


The Key to Successful Video Product Marketing is Simplicity

Apple has been introducing the world to its products via the same method for years - using simple white backdrops and music, sometimes with no voiceover. It reflects the simple design of their products, while making the technology truly shine.

Shooting marketing videos with white backdrops can increase your production value and bring focus to your subject, rather than having anything distracting going on in the background.

Black backgrounds can create a similar effect. However, getting a true black background, while at the same time properly lighting the subject, is difficult. This technique still isolates the product, as with the white background, but has a slightly cooler, darker look - and separates the video from all the other white background videos.

Here is a product marketing video WorldWise Productions did for Hanson Research

3D Printing in Video Production

From medical prosthesis, to the tools used in space, to products we use everyday here on earth, 3D printing is set to revolutionize the way we create, and video production has not been left out. 

Production design, prototyping, and model making has, until now, been a long, painstaking process of carving models out of clay, turning them into a mold, casting in a harder material like silicone or plastic, and then painting in all the details. This process can take weeks or even months, and each mistake means going backwards, or sometimes starting over. 

Adam Savage, of MythBusters, explains the process of traditional model making using some of the pieces he made for Star Wars: Episode I.

With 3D printing, everything is created on a computer and the design is perfected before any piece of physical media is brought into play. This allows for quick production of props, like the night-vision goggles from Zero Dark Thirty, to the creation of entire sets and characters in Chase Me.

3D printed night-vision goggles used in  Zero Dark Thirty

3D printed night-vision goggles used in Zero Dark Thirty

In the stop motion film  Chase Me,  sets and characters were all 3D printed.

In the stop motion film Chase Me, sets and characters were all 3D printed.

Video and film production can be sped up and costs will be brought down with the help of design software and 3D printers. This follows a trend of lower cost video production technology and aids in the democratization of the film industry.