Manipulating Time to Raise the Value in Video Production

Time-lapse photography is a great way, in any kind of video production, to show the passage of time in a very quick way. Events like sunsets, the night stars, or even the blooming of a flower can be sped up and enhanced to show them in a very unique way.

National Geographic video footage of flowers blooming in time-lapse.

TimeScapes - Movie Trailer. Time-lapse photography of the Southwestern United States.

On the flip side, high speed photography allows you to experience everyday events in a different way by slowing the action down. 

Produced by: www.simonkr.com Footage shot at 1050 frames per second, which is roughly 35 times slower than normal speed.

The value of video production can be enhanced using both of these techniques by drawing attention to things that you normally wouldn't even notice.