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You Say VoiceOver, I say Voice Over, You say Tomahto, I say Tomato

Used to be, not too long ago, that one had to be a professional, trained voiceover artist with expensive microphones and a foam-padded voiceover booth in order to grace any feature, commercial or corporate video production with their luscious pipes.  Like many things, that is no longer the case.  In the early days of WorldWise, Jinah used to voice (using her broadcast TV-trained voice) under a blanket. Since then, we've graduated to a much more professional voiceover booth (yes, with those foam pads and a $500 microphone).  But the voiceover industry is changing at such break-neck speed that even a trained broadcast TV voice is no longer a necessity or even desired on many video productions.  Jinah once tried out for a McDonalds radio commercial.  "Umm... your voice is a little too broadcasty..." is the feedback she got.  They ended up choosing someone who had a more natural, every-day conversational voice - someone you'd associate with a phone call more than a radio.  And the equipment is getting cheaper, smaller and more efficient - so that virtually anyone can voice anything to video.  

Just don't forget the blanket.  

Manipulating Time to Raise the Value in Video Production

Time-lapse photography is a great way, in any kind of video production, to show the passage of time in a very quick way. Events like sunsets, the night stars, or even the blooming of a flower can be sped up and enhanced to show them in a very unique way.

National Geographic video footage of flowers blooming in time-lapse.

TimeScapes - Movie Trailer. Time-lapse photography of the Southwestern United States.

On the flip side, high speed photography allows you to experience everyday events in a different way by slowing the action down. 

Produced by: Footage shot at 1050 frames per second, which is roughly 35 times slower than normal speed.

The value of video production can be enhanced using both of these techniques by drawing attention to things that you normally wouldn't even notice. 


The Key to Successful Video Product Marketing is Simplicity

Apple has been introducing the world to its products via the same method for years - using simple white backdrops and music, sometimes with no voiceover. It reflects the simple design of their products, while making the technology truly shine.

Shooting marketing videos with white backdrops can increase your production value and bring focus to your subject, rather than having anything distracting going on in the background.

Black backgrounds can create a similar effect. However, getting a true black background, while at the same time properly lighting the subject, is difficult. This technique still isolates the product, as with the white background, but has a slightly cooler, darker look - and separates the video from all the other white background videos.

Here is a product marketing video WorldWise Productions did for Hanson Research

Working With Actors On Late Night Production Set

We usually work with staffers on our videos, people from the clinics and offices, but every now and then the pros get brought out. We got to work with actors in this shoot, and production was a real treat.

working with actors on production

Our crew and talent worked our tails off until the midnight hour at Stanford Health Care's new Cancer Center. If you're not willing to pull an all-nighter, get out of the kitchen!

The Importance of Sound In Live Video Production

Capturing clean, accurate sound in live video production is a tougher task than one would imagine. When filming presentations or covering keynote events, we always enroll an audio technician to make sure every note is crisp and clear. We scope out the space, determine who has to wear a mic, whether we can tap into the AV system, and then cover the rest with our boom mic. It's not an easy job, but delivering top quality sound is critical for our videos.

James, our audio technician, next to the sound board and gear.

James, our audio technician, next to the sound board and gear.

The Best Patient Experience Hospital Video Shoot Ever

We are in the process of filming UCLA Hospital's new Patient Experience video for all employees of the health system!  Designed to train and boost staff morale, the UCLA CICARE model is hugely successful in impacting patient care--and goes well with filming! Our favorite actors today were Nino and Nina, who only communicates in hugs and kisses since she doesn't speak English. They are in their 90s and are celebrating their 75th wedding anniversary soon.

Huong with Nina and Nino.

Huong with Nina and Nino.

Alas, with all good things, the shoot came to an end. That's a wrap!

That's a wrap from the cafeteria!

That's a wrap from the cafeteria!

Patient Care Shoot at University of Chicago Medicine

Our intrepid leader, Jinah, is shooting in Chicago this week for University of Chicago Medicine's wonderful patient care video. The staff members were exceptional in hitting all their lines like pros, to the delight of our production crew. Thankfully, it wasn't as cold as it normally gets in December for Chicago.

Jinah directing staff and crew.

Jinah directing staff and crew.