Option 1 - Motion Tracking

This tier would use motion tracking graphics with shot footage. So, for example, we might show someone with their prescription medication history form, filling it out, and graphics would point at the paper and list the different elements - Prescriptions, Vitamins, Supplements, etc.

Time codes 00:09-00:20 & 01:46-02:06


Option 2 - Iconography

Use iconography and dynamic text animation for each full screen/half screen list. For the example, we would include little illustrations or simple, visual representations of medications, vitamins, etc. along with corresponding text.

Time codes 00:38-00:52 & 00:57-01:12

Time code 00:15-00:34


Option 3 Kinetic Typography

Add motion to the text and background so that it is more visually stimulating. We would design a few elements that we could reuse throughout the video.


Option 4 Motion Backgrounds

Add simple elements of motion to the background of existing graphics, along with simple text animation.

Time code 03:46-04:13